Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso considers himself lucky to have worked in F1 when Adrian Newey did

11 December, 2023

Adrian Newey, the revered chief technical officer at Red Bull Racing, stands as one of the paramount Formula 1 engineers in history, credited with crafting 10 cars that secured the world constructors’ championship.

In a contemplative moment earlier this year, Newey revealed some poignant reflections on his illustrious career. He expressed regrets about not having the chance to collaborate directly with the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, considering it an unfulfilled aspiration: “Working with Fernando and Lewis would have been fabulous. 

But it never happened. It’s just circumstance sometimes, that’s the way it is,” stated Newey on F1’s ‘Beyond the Grid’ podcast. Follow your favourite F1 team with attractive F1 betting odds from Nextbet. 

Responding to Newey’s sentiments, two-time world champion Fernando Alonso, currently driving for Aston Martin, expressed his respect for the F1 legend. Despite never working together directly, Alonso acknowledged the privilege of overlapping in the same era as Newey: “He’s a legend of the sport. We’ve been very close a few times to working together and we spoke about this.”

Alonso recounted his admiration for Newey’s contributions to Formula 1, reminiscing about an opportunity he had to contribute to one of Newey’s projects: “For me, it’s just an incredible person that I was so lucky to work in the same environment as him. Even if we never worked together, I’m happy that [I’m] living and driving in this time – that Adrian Newey is just building Formula 1 cars.”

Expressing his desire for a potential future collaboration, Alonso humorously quipped about Newey’s impact on championship results, jesting, “[Newey is] responsible for 19 drivers over two decades not to win championships!”

While the paths of Newey, Hamilton, and Alonso never crossed in the professional sphere, their mutual respect and acknowledgment of each other’s impact underscore the rich tapestry of Formula 1 history. Get the latest updates from the world of F1 only on Nextbet Sports